7/21 “Tuesday”


7/21 “Tuesday”



Fitness and Performance:
Rope climb technique. Go over all movements in workout.


Fitness and Performance:
Hand-to-Hand Swings, DB/KB Step-ups, Hand-release Push-ups, Burpees, Rope climbs, Row, Run


I should probably go lighter and do it right but…

But what? You would rather try the level that is too hard for you?

You would prefer to go heavy and have your lifts look ugly?

You would rather get injured?

If you are contemplating what level to do today, and this thought crosses your mind, you’re right.

You should go lighter and do it right.

You should go lighter and create more intensity.

Period. No ifs, ands or buts.

Only your ego cares if you don’t get to put an RX by your name. No one else cares.

Everyone cares if you go heavy, lose control of your weights and smash them into something (or worse, someone).

If you aren’t strong enough for the next level then work towards it, but do it safely, do it correctly, do it smartly.

Crushing your form just so you can get to the next level is not what fitness is about. 

Choosing not to scale, and then sit around for 5 minutes while you try to get a pullup doesn’t get you fitter.

If you can have better technique and higher intensity at a lighter weight then choose that and do it right.

You will be more fit as a result.


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