7/20 “Monday”


7/20 “Monday”


Fitness and Performance:
Front Squats, Pullup work


Thrusters, Pullups


Nothing will change for you until you make change a priority!

Things will change for you when you make it a Priority, when you believe it can happen, and when you decide to actually do something about it!

Most people ask themselves “when will things change for me” at work, on the way to work and throughout their life…..Over and over again!

The answer has always been the same and it involves you making it a priority to change and to do what you want and be who you want to be!

Mixed in with the belief that you can actually do it or become it and also the belief that what you are going for will make you & your life better and more fulfilling.

And finally and most importantly to do something about it!

To go to work on changing yourself and your life to take the massive action required each and every day to change.

If you have done all those things and change hasn’t happened it is because you keep running the same patterns, habits and thoughts or you simply haven’t given it enough time – it takes years not months and weeks!

Change NOW!…..don’t waste another day living a life that you simply never wanted to live! -Joe Duncan


Member News:

*Congratulations to Bella on her performance this weekend at Brand X, in Ramona, CA for the Teen Gauntlet! We have yet to hear the status on everything, and we will post more once we hear back from her or her dad. Way to go, Bella. We’re all proud of you!

*Congrats to all our Triathletes this weekend up in Door County! Coach Christine completed her first tri ever, along with several other BCF athletes.

*The CrossFit Games start up this week! We will be streaming the Games live at the gym all day, each day on the big projector!

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*Ready for our 4th annual In-House Throwdown??? RSVP here>https://badgercrossfit.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=4DCA72FE-4389-4CE5-A016-A4AFF2FA061C

*For those of you who want workout tracking, to keep track of all your lifts, etc. download the app SUGARWOD. Find our gym on it and join. All the stuff is posted daily by you guys and it’s simple to use.