7/11 WOD: 10! Ladder


7/11 WOD: 10! Ladder

Brie showing a strong finish in the power clean.

How many times have you heard or said, “ill start the diet tomorrow”,  “ill start the training tomorrow”,  “ill start the change tomorrow”.  Why does everyone want to wait until tomorrow to make a change in their life?  When people come to the conclusion that a change needs to be made, its usually a pretty big thing.  Something that shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to happen.  If you decide to wait until tomorrow to start your change, then it really isn’t that important to you.  Do it now!  Start it NOW!!!  There is NO tomorrow…..there is ONLY now!!!!

Strength: Back Squat -Find new 1RM
WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of power cleans and pull-ups.
RX: 135 / 95, L-2: 65% 1RM, L-1: 85 / 55.

DAY 11/30 of 50 pushups, 50 situps BCF Challenge!


**Starting Thursdays, there will be no 6:30PM Group CrossFit Class. Only the CF Football/Strength Class led by Troy will be held. If you want to come on Thursdays, 430 and 530 are still options. This is only for Thursdays. As always, check the schedule. This will continue for the summer end (Sept-ish or demand).

**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form. I would like if all of you filled this out, if you want to be included in the featured athlete section.

**Please fill out our survey! I will only post this link for this week, and then it will go away.

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