6/9 “Thursday”


6/9 “Thursday”

Fitness and Performance:
Push Press + Push Jerk, Wtd Back Extension, Seated high box jumps


Wall Balls (20/14), KB Swings (55/35), Box Jump Overs (24/20), Burpees

Member News:
Garden update: The garden team has been hard at work and we finally have all the beds filled with seedlings or soon to be started seeds! YAY! Once harvest time comes around, we’ll be setting veggies out at the table next to the front desk for all members to take on a first come, first serve basis:). These will be FREEEEEE(!!!!!) but we’ll leave an open donation bucket out and you can contribute whatever you’d like to the bucket. All funds we collect from said bucket will go towards next years seeds, dirt, compost excitement, etc. If you can contribute, great! If you can’t, no problem:)! We want to contribute to your healthy lifestyle!

T-shirt update: Thanks all for your patience with these t-shirts! If you ordered a t-shirt, your accounts have been billed and T-shirts will be distributed as soon as they arrive:). FYI, they were ordered last Friday from City Screen, but have yet to come in. Hope they will be sooooooooon!