6/7 WOD: Local meat orders


6/7 WOD: Local meat orders

LOCAL PRIMAL FOOD! I just got word from our farmer friend that ground beef is here as well as some roasts, steaks, round steak etc. Even natural hot dogs, ring bologna too. Orders are coming in already from others for the fall beef so if you would like to place one, now would be a good time. Quarters, halves, wholes, etc. She will also have pork available in July. Pork is in halves or whole and is $3.00/lb. A whole pig will run roughly $300-$350. Cuts are pork chops, ham, bacon, pork roast, pork sausage,ribs. They also have chickens. They are frozen whole and are $4.00/lb.

Let me know if you want in!!!


Warm-Up: hip circles, 15 inch worms. 2 rounds of 10 power jacks, 10 pullups, 10 situps (not for speed).
Strength: Tempo back squats
WOD: 30-handstand push-ups, 40-pull-ups, 50-ring dips, 60-sit-ups, 70-burpees.

Meghan has graduated Elements with a positive attitude and is pushing herself outside the comfort zone daily! Welcome to BCF Meghan!