6/6 WOD: Climb me a river.


6/6 WOD: Climb me a river.

Welcome Erik, to BCF! Erik mid kb swing.

Strength: Touch and go snatches. Rest exactly 60 sec between each.
Wod: Seven rounds of 1-15′ rope climb, 10-wall ball, 15-kb swings, 20-double unders.
RX: 20 / 15, 55/35

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*Please fill out our survey! We are wanting to get more feedback from you regarding your experience at BCF! Please take a moment to fill it out, and once it’s complete, I will randomly give one person a free tshirt (those at fill out their name). It’s anonymous otherwise! But please help us make BCF even better! This is YOUR gym.

*If you are interested in our CrossFit Football/Power Hour/Oly Lifting classes, please let coach Tyler know to get added to the list. We need a minimum # of people to get it going. We are thinking Tues and Thur nights at 630PM on the other side of the gym, and then Saturday at 7AM (right now – it may change to 10AM) with Oly lifting focus. Coach Troy will be putting it on.

*CrossFit for Hope is being held at CrossFit Farmland (outside Madison) on Saturday. Performing a brutal WOD to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This event will start at 9am with heats running until noon. CFF will have a cookout after. There will be a lot of members from other affiliates at this event and it will give us a good chance to get to know others within our CrossFit community. For any of those still wanting to donate, feel free to write a check to St. Jude and one of the coaches or participating community members can send it in (CrossFit Farmland will accumulate all $).