6/4 WOD: Double couplet and June Elements


6/4 WOD: Double couplet and June Elements

Brie and John with proper finishing position in the Sumo deadlift high pull.

Everyone thinks they know what CrossFit is.  “Its just like P90X right?”  “Its just like Insanity right?”  “I do boot camp and its just like that right?”  NO!!! Crossfit is not just about sweating.  Its about proper movement, in the full range of movement so that you are able to stay strong, stay flexible, and stay mobile.  We do movements that have you doing things you do EVERYDAY.  We have you moving your body and weights to make you stronger.  We have you doing things fast and intense to build your cardio.  Our workout is NOT like those others.  Its CrossFit and its one of a kind!

Warm-Up: 20 inch worms, 20-Dead-lifts, 15-hang power cleans, 10-sumo dead-lift high pulls, 5-thrusters
Strength: Speed Dead-lifts. Make as fast as possible with PERFECT form.
WOD: 21-15-9 of power cleans and thrusters, rest 3:00 then 9-15-21 of sumo dead-lift high pulls and push press. RX: 115/85


Who is in for the CrossFit for Hope event at CrossFit Farmland this weekend?!?!

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