6/24 “Tuesday”


6/24 “Tuesday”

Handstand Push-ups, L-Sits, Double-unders

Double-unders, Man-makers, Handstand Push-ups

-Badger CrossFit T-shirt and wrist wrap orders are now closed.

-Wrist Wraps should take 2 weeks or so! We will reach out to those of you who ordered when the shirts and wrist wraps come in!

-Please update your zen planner profiles with pictures of YOUR lovely face…No pictures of luchadors, fairies, jedi masters, etc(unless you actually are any of those things?!?!?!). We want to connect names with faces and be able to better track attendance! To do so, log-in to your zen planner profile here> https://badgercrossfit.sites.zenplanner.com/login.cfm

Once logged in, you will see  a character icon that zen planner created. Click on it and it will prompt you to upload a profile picture. We’d like for member pictures to be updated by Wed, the 25th!

A great review of the squat! After today’s workout, are there any places you feel weirdly sore? If you’re especially sore in the knees, ankles, or lower back, you may have been squatting improperly. Even if you feel amazing, there are always things that can be improved upon with this movement!