6/22 “Monday”


6/22 “Monday”


Front Squat, Handstands

Front squat, shoulder taps/freestand HS


Fitness and Performance:
Squat cleans, ring dips

A note from Coach Tyler:

Hope you all had a great weekend! I’m quite pleased with last week’s response to my message about getting in the gym. We had over 600 of you check-in to classes! While we are about 100 away from the record, I believe it’s doable. Keep it up. If you didn’t get in 1 extra day last week, now it’s your turn to do so. 60 additional minutes is all I ask.

Here is this weeks featured menu of choices…

For the appetizer, we transition over to a new 4 week cycle of strength work, which include foundational movements – front squat, deadlift, and push press. We will be featuring a lot more snatch and CJ work in the following weeks, once they become available.

For the main course, our metcons feature benchmark “girls”, a hero WOD, and other ‘classic’ CrossFit pain. Of course, there will be a side bucket for those that need it.

For dessert, you get none, because that’s how we roll.

Tips are appreciated in the form of Valentine Coffee… No tax at BCF because the Govt. already takes enough.

Thank you and see you in the gym.