6/18 “Thursday”


6/18 “Thursday”


Handstand Pushups Progression Drills.


Shuttle Sprints AFA, K2E, Pushups, Wall Walks

“I suck at _______.

Maybe you do. But then again maybe you do only by your standards, and the guy next to you thinks you are actually a superstar. But that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you “suck” at it today. What matters is if you are going to show up and still go after it.

What matters is that you take another step towards your goals.

Who cares if you suck at wallballs or heavy deadlifts or muscle-ups or pullups or pistols or snatches – or all of them?

No one is going to judge you for showing up and trying your hardest.

No one cares about your time, or your weights, or even your skill set.

No one cares about what you “suck” at, they only care about how you tackle your “suck.”

They only care about your mindset; are you going to bring yourself down, or find a way to build yourself up?

Will you be an inspiration? Will you even show up?

Embrace your weaknesses in order to make them your strengths. Every journey starts with one step.”
From tylersullivan.net