6/1 WOD: DT+JT=DJ — News


6/1 WOD: DT+JT=DJ — News

Coach Troy P executing proper elbow, back and knee position in the catch of the squat clean

Strength: Deadlift
WOD: “DT” + “JT” = “DJ” 21-15-9 of 135# DL, hang power cleans, handstand pushups

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 7AM we are having a strength/Oly focus class. This is going to be done with Coach Tyler every Saturday morning for a while. All members are welcome. We are wanting to kick start the strength/Oly/CF Football program again soon and we need to get a minimum # of people who want to supplement their regular CF training with a focus (or bias) on the strength. Please contact us if you are interested!

In addition, our Endurance program is in the works as well. We are still working on the logistics but we should be up and running soon! Contact Tyler for more information.

EVENTS UPDATE: I’ve put all the events on the Events page. A lot easier than blog posts! I forgot to update this, sorry for the delay!

Reminder for the Brewer game on Sunday, we are not meeting at the gym, but rather off of Wisconsin Ave at 10AM! See the events page for details on the event. Any questions let me know.