5/9 “Monday”


5/9 “Monday”

RX JUMP ROPE CLINIC! YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE: https://rxdoubleunderclinics.webconnex.com/Bc The Rx Method is a teaching process that provides a foundational structure for jump rope training. Utilizing a systematic progression oriented approach, the Rx Method teaches the A to Z of best jump rope practices used by elite Games athletes and many others. The topics covered are: -Learn ideal posture and mechanics -Make double-unders a recovery movement -Learn techniques to improve WOD times -Elevate your skillsets and CrossFit movement toolbox -Improve your fitness in the gym and on the road. The Rx Method is more than a simple workshop. It is a comprehensive and detailed symposium that takes participants through group discussion, warm up, dynamic group exercise, isolation drills and transition skills. Our unique training tools will assist the athletes in understanding our double under philosophy and methodology including plenty of hands on application. The Rx Method focuses on the following key points: Jump Rope Sizing Philosophy – Learn the different sport specific disciplines that utilize their own methods and standard for sizing a jump rope to an athlete’s body based on the goal of the activity in which they participate. Jump Rope Bounding Technique – Learn the proper technique of efficiently jumping to minimize fatigue and increase work capacity while jumping rope. Jump Rope Bio-Mechanics – Learn the most efficient posture and mechanics of jumping rope. Creating ideal tolerance levels between the moving jump rope and athlete’s body, increasing efficiency. Learn about individual imbalances and deficiencies and how to self- manage them. Jump Rope Psychology- Take a brief trip into the athlete’s mind to help understand some common negative thought processes and learn to replace those with positive cues. Jump Rope Theory- Jumping Rope as it applies to functional fitness requires its own sport specific applications. As it is typically a component within a larger series of exercise movements. You will learn detailed practices and strategies even as simple as how to pick your jump rope up and put it down efficient

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Back Squat, Bicep curls, KB Twists


DB Hang Squat Cleans (P: Hang Squat Clean), Row


Memorial Day Murph

Join us for a mid-day tribute to Lt. Michael Murphy this Memorial Day. We’re kicking things off at 10am on May 30th with the workout. All fitness levels are welcome as we will scale the day accordingly.

Lt. Murphy was awarded the military’s highest recognition with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage during Operation Red Wing in which he lost his life. These actions captivated the country while represented in the book and subsequent movie, Lone Survivor.

Lt. Murphy used to complete the above workout alone on a nearly weekly basis during his time as a US Navy SEAL. Then, he nicknamed his favorite workout “Body Armor,” with the hope that it would keep him safe in battle.

Come one. Come all. We will have food and drinks to follow.

The workout can be done in pairs, scaled, as teams, etc so long as it’s completed within 50 minutes.

Please bring a dish to share and BYOB. Kids & family members are welcome! We will have 2-3 heats to ensure we are not tackling eachother.