5/3 WOD: 5K Row/Run


5/3 WOD: 5K Row/Run

Strength: Bench
WOD: 5K row or 5K run

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New member and tennis guru Ian W post "The Seven." I think we all felt this way.

So proud of each and every athlete who made it in today at Badger CrossFit. You all rule. “The Seven” is, IMO, the hardest workout in CrossFit. You forged through, pushed through what you didn’t think you had, and didn’t quit. No matter what, we don’t quit. Ever.

It’s incredible to see the effort put out by everyone in the gym. Not just on one workout, but every day that you come in. Seriously, you all deserve to pat yourselves on the back and tell yourself that what you are doing is the uncommon, but your doing it commonly well. No one quits. We all do this together. We are Badger CrossFitters — the most fit of the fittest in Milwaukee.

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