5/3 “Sunday”


5/3 “Sunday”

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I want to take a moment to discuss something pretty crucial when it comes to getting results – time caps in workouts and going “rx”. There is a reason we time cap workouts often and I’m going to explain it so you can understand why we do this and how it’s negatively impacting your results if you don’t adhere to it.

Why is it you were working out for over an hour a day at the 24-hour gym but you see better results with us doing CrossFit? You were running, circuit training and abs, but now you lift weights and do 12 miinute workouts with way better results? How does this work? The answer is simple: CrossFit adds intensity.

Intensity is something that needs reminding sometimes, because we all get hung up on going “Rx” as being the goal of training. This is the wrong way to look at intensity.

Let’s use the workout “Fran” as an example on intensity vs. working out to go Rx. Everyone wants do exclaim, “I did Fran RX!” Fran is supposed to be a complete barn burner. Like, 100% all out, searing pain. I usually cap Fran at 6 minutes, but often see 10 minute times. Here’s the deal — typically, after 6 minutes, intensity is completely missing. You’ve basically spent as much time resting as you have working. You have taken the CrossFit out of CrossFit so to speak. Intensity = results. When you eliminate intensity like the example above, you eliminate the potential for fantastic and continuing results at the expense of saying “as Rx.” Going ‘rx’ is great, don’t get me wrong! It’s a statement of your improvement, but it’s also something we shouldn’t seek each time. You’re missing the boat if you think like this.

Training means purpose. What is the purpose of the workout? What is the designed net-effect on the body? What are we trying to accomplish overall? Time caps don’t mean limits on workouts. Time caps mean the kind of intensity are we looking for! Refocus your thought process of “I need to get done in X time, as Rx” to “I need to scale this workout to get done in X time to meet BCF’s purpose of the workout.”

I promise you that if you keep intensity high, you will continue to reap the benefits of high-intensity training here at Badger CrossFit!

-Coach Tyler


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