5/29 “Friday”


5/29 “Friday”

We made it!

Bob Dylan said once that you should take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them. I write this as I’m traveling to Minneapolis for my 4th CrossFit Games regional as an athlete. The first 3 were as an individual, reaching my goal each year I attempted with the support of my family and gym behind me. This year, my gym, the athletes and community within set out on a mission to make it as a team in our first go at Regionals. Through hard work, pain, guts, no quit attitudes and determination, we made it into the toughest Regional ever, a Super Regional. Goal achieved! We are raw, newly formed, tough and a hard working group of Badgers with normal abilities and backgrounds doing abnormal things through hard work. We represent ourselves, our gym, our community, our city and our state. I thank everyone who has wished us the best, tuned our bodies up, supported us from the beginning. To my team, so proud of you all. Let’s do this. As I’m entering my last Regional as an athlete, I will remember Dylan’s quote and realize how lucky I am to partake in reliving my amazing past at the Games, one last time. #teambcf


Watch us LIVE:
WOD 1 – Heat 2 – Lane 1 – 9:25a
WOD 2 – Heat 2 – Lane 1 – 11a

FRIDAY: https://www.badgercrossfit.com/2015/05/529-friday/

Strength and WOD:
Power Cleans, Handstand Pushups, Double Unders, Back Squat, Muscle ups, Row, Push Jerks, V ups, Box Jumps.

Member News:

+++Because of coaching availability this week, the Friday noon class has been canceled and a 10:30am class has been added in it’s place.

+++If you received an email over the last 2 weeks, saying you have “unpaid bill”, please ignore this. This was an error in our email automation system.

+++Lost and Found Items will be taken on (5/29)!!! Please look through the basket to ensure you haven’t left anything in there!

+++All those who ordered regional T-shirts…if you’re a lady, your shirt is in the member retail cabinet. If you’re a gentleman, your t-shirt is in the box next to it(family groups are also in the t-shirt box). Thank you so much for your incredible support! We ordered over 100 t-shirts to support the Regional team!!WOO!