5/26 “Tuesday”


5/26 “Tuesday”

Praying. Serving. Honoring. Steve, getting ready to tackle Murph. #CrossFit #MDM #america #memorialday #TheProtector

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1RM Thruster


Slam balls, DB Snatch, T2B

A note from Coach Tyler:

Thank you everyone. Today was a great day.

This week…

*Tomorrow, we will NOT be doing the squat program. We will resume Saturday. 300 air squats today was a good enough “squat program.”

*Friday, Saturday and Sunday, most of our coaches will be in Minneapolis, MN for the CrossFit Games Central Regional. Be sure to watch LIVE online at games.crossfit.com as our team will be on there.

*Sara, Christine and Jarrod will be filling in as much as possible throughout the week and weekend. Thank you to them for keeping the gym open and operating while we do our best to represent this gym and community. There may be a few changes to the schedule, but thanks to them, not much will change. But keep an eye out here and on our blog/schedule for any updates.

*Thank you for making BCF the best CrossFit gym in this state! We really have an amazing group here. So many people have met here and now are lifelong friends, we’ve had 2 marriages here, babies, etc. Seriously, there is no better place… Thank you all.

See you in the gym….
….Proud owner and coach

Member News:

*The Regional T-shirts will be available for pick up some time tomorrow evening or Thursday early afternoon. If you placed an order with us, your account on file will be charged and we’ll be setting your shirts aside. You will receive an email confirming this. Please note that we did not order extras.