5/23 WOD: “Murph” – End of May Elements (PM Group)


5/23 WOD: “Murph” – End of May Elements (PM Group)

One of my favorite phrases is something that James Fitzgerald (OPT) said in the Crossfit Movie: Every Second Counts.  “Must be able to get comfortable with the uncomfortable”.  The workouts we do, as well as some of the terrible tasks that we need to do in our life, are pretty painful for everyone.  But the people that can hang out in that “pain cave” longer and not be affected by it, will finish it first.  Now, this may be a race or competition, or it may be something in life that we need to get through.  Kind of like today’s WOD.  Even though you may want to rest or stop because it hurts, this doesn’t shorten up the workout at all.  In fact, the more you stop, the longer that workout goes and the longer you have to deal with all that crap.  If you could “bite the bullet” just a little bit longer each time, then you will be through the pain and be able to rest as long as you want.  Life is the same way.  The more you can deal with, or the longer you can last through the bad times, the quicker they are over.  At BCF, we get to practice this each and everyday.  The more you are able to push through and last longer, this “comfort with the uncomfortable” will translate into everything else and you will have more success.  Be the one that lasts!!!

Absolutely fantastic job today guys! This WOD is no joke, but it takes a special kind of person to do it. You all pushed on through the physical and mental barriers and completed this workout in honor of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy.

WOD: Memorial Day “Murph”

1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run.

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