5/23 “Saturday”


5/23 “Saturday”

Squat Program – Week 6, Day 2/2:
6 x 3/6 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 94% of Tuesday’s (90%)

Partner WOD:
Row, T2B, Dumbbell snatches, 1-arm OH Walking Lunges (holding dumbbell overhead w/ 1 arm)

10 seconds left.

I hear the coach call out “10 seconds left” and you stepped back from the bar.Why?When you come in here it is to push yourself, to find fitness, to lose weight, to build community, to become better. And everything in your gym is designed to make those transformations happen.So why are you quitting early?

I know you feel like you’re about to die, that your muscles can do no more, but you know what I also know?

I know you can do better, I know you have another rep in you, I know that if you stay closer to the bar you will pick it up sooner, I know that if you don’t walk away you will keep your head in the game. I know that if you believe in yourself you can push harder and longer and faster.

I know this will help you.

You are given a set amount of time in this workout, in this day, in this life. Use every minute of it. Stop quitting early because its hard, you’re HERE because its hard, you’re better because its hard, you succeed because its hard. Don’t give up on that.

You will see the most gain when the going gets tough. Your mind will strengthen, your body will respond, your spirit will brighten.

Do not miss out on that.

Keep working, to the last second.

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