5/22 WOD: “Coe”


5/22 WOD: “Coe”

Honestly ask yourself, are you better now than you were yesterday…? I’m talking fitness, diet related… Are you reaching for a goal? If so, what are you doing to get there? Ask a coach to assist you if you need help or are plateauing. We’re in this together. We’re a gym full of people just like you…so let’s help eachother and be the best we can be for LIFE!

Strength: Shoulder Press
WOD: “Coe” 10-rounds of 10-thrusters and 10-ring push-ups.
RX: 95/65, L-3: 75/55, L-2: 45 and parrallete push-ups.

5/21 results

5/22 results


“Memorial Day Murph” on Wed. May 23rd! See the schedule for the times. Normal class times are not happening. We are doing larger groups all at once.

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Bacon Run 5k/10k Run. 

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