2/26 “Excellent Habits”


2/26 “Excellent Habits”

Here’s a video from last years games to get you amped…What do you hope to get out of the opens? MORE IMPORTANTLY Why haven’t you signed up for the opens?!

As we move into March what habits are moving us towards excellence and what do we need to leave behind? Let’s destroy our weaknesses!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
Strength: Back squat: 3X5 @ 70%, 3X3 @ 80% – rest 2:00 minutes.
WOD: 3 rounds of
1:00 ME KBS 32/24kg
Rest :30
1:30 ME Burpee Box Jumps 30/24″
Rest :30
2:00 ME Double-Unders
Rest :30

With the continued growth we’ve seen here at BCF, we are making focused business decisions to ensure both the quality and the service we offer here is still top notch, without watering down what you’ve come to expect here at BCF. People will always come first and this will never change… Details under “news”!

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**CrossFit Games 2013 DETAILS HERE
**We’ve stopped Elements Courses until we expand. The influx of new people that Elements gives us is not possible at this time, without causing issues. Because of the space and RSVPing, we made this decision to ensure you are still getting what you come for – top notch, quality coaching in the best environment possible.

**Starting March 4th, our AM classes go to 5, 6, and 7am timeslots. This should eliminate a lot of the fullness issues we have at 530am.

**We are expanding our space starting this next month and things should progress quickly if I have my say. We will be able to offer many new things once we grow (dual bathrooms, lockers/shower, kids area, more equipment, dual classes, new classes, etc.). Be on the lookout for updates with this.

**We are quickly realizing how the gym is FULL of “non-gym” talents and skills and really want to encourage networking in our community. If you have business cards, flyers or just a note to what you can offer, we’d LOVE to have you put it on the board for others to consider.

**If you pay online, we NEED you to fill out and return an EFT form, giving us permission to actually charge your account. Please, please help us out by getting one from the office and returning it asap! Or go to our Download section on our website (under resources). And also don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. If you paid up front for the year or have a punch card, you don’t need to give us an EFT.

**Speaking of the board, the board by the door (near the water cooler) has lots of relevant information you should keep your eyes on when entering or wanting updates. New member names, social events, equipment purchase sign-ups (jump rope list is up now, actually). Not only that, but the computer kiosk is there so no excuse to not sign-in.

**BCF Endurance program is going to start after the CrossFit Games are over (in April). If you have any questions about what the Endurance program is, please contact an Endurance coach, Larissa Bennett or Dan Mitchell. Details about this will come out soon…

**If you have not signed up for the CrossFit Games, please do so soon! It’s $20, which gives you the ability to WOD with us at 10am every Saturday (STARTS IN 10 DAYS!) in a throw-down style atmosphere. You can also use CrossFit’s website to see where you stand in the gym, with people in the city, state, region, US, and even world. $20 gets you 5 WODs total, held every weekend here at BCF! $20 is a dinner out. Priorities.

**We are going to add more group classes and more specialized workshops soon so keep your eyes peeled.

**New rules board is going up soon. Also, remember our “rule” of introducing yourself to someone you’ve never seen before. If you know they are new, do the adult thing and say hi. It will go a long way to show our awesomeness.

**If you have the UnitedHealthCare Wellness Reimbursement program, BCF is now a registered gym and you may be able to get reimbursed if your company is on the benefit. Please look at the Download section on our website for the instructions.

**If you are on Facebook, please “Like” our page at FACEBOOK.COM/BADGERCROSSFIT. Also, please let me know if you are on Facebook but are still not a part of our PRIVATE Facebook Group. It’s an insider group only for BCF athletes. More communication goes on there that on our blog.

**Stay tuned to our blog page as Sara L has taken over many of the duties on the blog. I will still offer my ramblings and updates, but she will be helping with this going forward. www.badgercrossfit.com/blog is the page you need to visit daily!!!

As always, we are so humbled and honored you choose to make BCF your fitness choice each month and really love the close-knit community you’ve formed. We’ve heard many comments from newer members on how welcoming you are by just introducing yourselves and offering encouragement during group classes. Thank you for making this a great community!

If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve your experience at the gym, PLEASE let us know! Also, if you have any issues or concerns with your fitness or nutrition, we are always here to offer guidance and support.

To good health,
Tyler and Amy