5/15 “Friday”


5/15 “Friday”

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pictures/videos and postings often seem relentlessly upbeat. An avatar of our lives, an avatar who is slimmer, has more friends, a better love life and a better job than we do. People making bigger lifts than ourselves, hitting those muscle-ups in videos, doing crazy things you only wish you could do.

There is only a ‘like’ button, a heart, a retweet. There is no place to describe our deficiencies, only space to paint a rather superficial and idealized portrait of our digital lives.

We all have deficiencies and issues. We don’t see these though. In real life, we miss those lifts more than we make them. We don’t have the strength to do a pullup. We can’t run down the block yet. We can’t overhead squat yet. We gained back 10 pounds.

How dare we let fear and ‘cant’s’ make decisions for us. To let it enter our psyche. Our relationships. It will create resentment, poor attitude and frustration in the journey. Care about daily actions that you control. Things that you know work for you. Know that are right. Know that make you happy. Lean on your family, your circle, your friends for encouragement. Listen to your coach and trust the process. Stay the course. But ignore the ‘self-propaganda.’. Focus on the good. Focus on the prize. Focus on the fun. Because in the end, you won’t regret this.


Fitness and Performance:
Run, Box Jumps (24/20), Wall Balls (20/14 all to 10′)

Fitness and Performance:
Good mornings, Chin-ups

If you missed it, you can still watch the 60 Minutes interview with “The King of CrossFit” >


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