5/13 “Wednesday”


5/13 “Wednesday”

On a consistent basis, I overhear, get told and yelled to about the things our community is doing that they never could do before. People are lifting more weight, safely, than ever. Function is being restored – aka they can run down the block without feeling like they will hork up a lung or they can touch their toes for the first time. People are quitting smoking and stopping excessive alcohol consumption. People are changing their lifestyles for the betterment of themselves and family/friends.

At BCF, we are a gym that wants you to succeed. We are professional. We will never devalue our quality offering. Your health and fitness goals are top on our agenda. Your quality of life is important to us. We will continue to improve and be the best we can. We want you to do the same with us.

There is no shortage of these stories here at BCF. People from all walks of life with all abilities are doing it. You can too! Contact us today if you want to be a success story.



Burpees, Unbroken Double Unders, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Grasshoppers (l/r equals 1 rep), Calorie Row

Members News:

++BCF made the CrossFit Games Regionals!++

TSHIRT ORDERS DUE!!! IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT PLEASE click below to support Team Badger CrossFit on their quest to the Regionals in Minneapolis on May 29th! If you are NOT a member of BCF, but still wish to help, we would love to have your support as well! Click to find out more.


+++Memorial Day Murph:

Please sign up in the Zen Planner Calendar! More details to follow…