4/7 “Thursday”


4/7 “Thursday”

Finally hit a #200 snatch!!!!! #itsAmiracle #badgerweightliftingclub #badgercrossfit #badgerbuilt #crossfit

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Congrats John!

Fitness and Performance:
Sled Push, Pendlay Rows, Nose-and-Toes handstand hold

Calories on Rower, Abmat Situps (P: K2E), Calories on AB

A good read from BreakingMuscle:
Those tight hamstrings might be a sign of instability through the lower lumbar.

Member News:

+++Schedule Change+++
Change up to Mobility. We will still have them on Saturday mornings, but it will be only 1 class at 8am (rather than 7 and 9) so people can WOD at 9 if they wish AND get to sleep in that extra hour.