4/28 “Tuesday”


4/28 “Tuesday”

Squat Program Week 3, Day 1/2:
5 x 4/8 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 75% of 1RM FS
Run, Kettlebell Swings, Burpee Box Jumps

Member News:

+++The Movement Fix: Join us for The Movement Fix, May 17th from 9AM to 5PM. Ask Coach Tyler, Adam, or Sara for more information or check out their website http://themovementfix.com


A note from Coach Dan and this week’s Endurance schedule:

“Several of us have hamstring and hip tightness preventing proper knee raising. Hit that foam roller and lacrosse ball hard this week.”
Wednesday: 10-12 x 200 with 90 seconds rest

Sunday: 4-5 x 800 with 2:30 rest.