4/23 “Thursday


4/23 “Thursday

Congrats to our gym on making it to Regionals as a team! We couldn’t be more proud of each and everyone of you who made this a reality. More details are to follow as we want the entire gym to come up to Minneapolis and cheer the squad on!


Fitness and Performance:
one footed hop, walking lunges, Skin the Cats

Fitness and Performance
Row, Burpee Box Jumps, Hang Power Cleans

Mobility Class!

This Thursday, we start up our NEW mobility class! This class will be 45 minutes to 1 hour in length!

The format will programmed to address your weaknesses in the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and lumbar curves. Each area will be targeted throughout the entire class in stations.

In addition, you will get customized programming from the coach leading the class, as well as specific instructions on how to actually do the movements!

If you are interested in this, it’s free to members! Just RSVP to the class as normal. This is a VERY important class, but it will also be fun!

Live pain free, do basic maintenance on yourself, and prosper in life!

Member News:

+++Schedule for week 2 of CrossFit Endurance+++

Wednesday: 10 x 200 with 2 min rest. To be done on track, treadmill, or uphills–hint, hint

Sunday: 12 pm at track. 3-4 x 800 meter, 3 minutes rest.

+++Badger CrossFit is going to Regionals in Minneapolis, MN! Want to cheer them on? Stay tuned for updates! Buy Tickets Here: https://events.cuetoems.com/cfregion_2015/OnlineTicketSales.aspx?l=119&hc_location=ufi

+++The Movement Fix: Join us for The Movement Fix, May 17th from 9AM to 5PM. Ask Coach Tyler, Adam, or Sara for more information or check out their website http://themovementfix.com