4/17 “Friday”


4/17 “Friday”


Chen and his brother are in Mexico at a CrossFit competition, representing BCF! Go Chenhalls!

“There’s a lot of talk about goals in CrossFit. I don’t need to deadlift obscene amounts of weight or row until my arms fall off. My goal is a very private, personal, and not an obvious one; to get my body healthy enough for pregnancy. Most people don’t have to struggle to make a baby, but those weren’t the cards my husband and I were dealt. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) after years of trying to conceive. A huge factor in beating the odds is diet and exercise. I’ve known about Badger CrossFit for awhile, but just recently joined. I have never felt more empowered by working out, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not only am I looking great and feeling great on the outside, what’s happening inside my body is much more important. We haven’t reached our goal yet, but in time we will. Until then, I can’t say enough great things about how I feel each time I go into the gym; the people, the motivation, the positivity is contagious. I finally feel like I have some control over my life, in a time when I could easily let my struggles control me. There are people who push me through a work out that don’t even know what they’re helping me push towards, and for that, I thank you for the support. ” -Anonymous BCF Athlete


Good Mornings, Strict Pullups


Thrusters (95/65), Chest to Bar Pullups, Box jumps (24/20), Toes to Bar, Kettlebell snatch (55/35) (5l/5r), Goblet squat (55/35), Kettlebell Swings (55/35), Burpees, Squat snatches (95/65)

Member News:

Badger CrossFit is going to regionals in Minneapolis, MN! Want to cheer them on? Stay tuned for updates! Buy Tickets Hurr: 

+++ Note for the endurance athletes!+++

We have made the endurance class available for all Badger Athletes   (punch card, monthly memberships, and pre-paid) so that any one can now RSVP and attend classes. This doesn’t change anything related to pricing, RSVPing, etc.

PLEASE RSVP for this class! Coach Dan will be taking attendance and letting staff know so that we can update attendance in the calendar.

+++April Newsletter! CLICK HERE TO READ!+++

+++The Movement Fix: Join us for The Movement Fix, May 17th from 9AM to 5PM. Ask Coach Tyler, Adam, or Sara for more information or check out their website http://themovementfix.com