4/13 “Monday”


4/13 “Monday”

Nate, smiling wide because he proves it daily in the gym with hard work, consistency and with a great attitude. He also has a great family!

This week, we start a new cycle. Cycles are used frequently in training to provide purpose and clarity to one’s development over a set period of time. We are constantly varied in our training methods. But that doesn’t mean random. And this is why I use cycles.

With the new cycle comes the need for renewed focus and drive to stay consistent in your attendance. And this especially means no random attendance. If you are struggling to get over plateaus, lose fat, gain strength, etc. your attendance should be #1 priority. Your discipline to eat right and rest right is also of utmost importance, and may be even more important for some.

Let’s focus and enjoy the ride to amazing fitness results! Beach season is also near!

BCF Training Cycle

Cycle Goals:

  • Leg strength focus – Squat program 2x/week on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Olympic lifts – positioning and cycling
  • Time capped conditioning for intensity
  • Gymnastics w/ increasing technicality
  • General physical preparedness

Fitness: Pulling/Cleans/Pressing variants/Complexes
Performance: Clean + Jerk variants/Complexes

+Conditioning/Accessory strength/Midline work/Mobility

Fitness and Performance: Front squat/Back squat

+Conditioning/Accessory strength/Mobility

Fitness: Snatch/Overhead squat/Explosive movements/Complexes
Performance: Snatch variants/Complexes


Fitness: Gymnastics strength / Core + stability
Performance: Rest day if Mon-Wed


Fitness and Performance: Posterior + Pulling work/Varied exposures

+Conditioning/Aerobic WODs

Fitness and Performance: Front Squat/Back Squat

+Partner conditioning/Fun/Varied exposures

Fitness and Performance: Varied exposures

+Aerobic conditioning/Aerboic Recovery/Fun

Fitness: Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Push Press
Performance: Clean and Jerk

Fitness: KB lunges, T2B, Run
Performance: Power Clean + Lunge, T2B, Run