4/9 “Thursday”


4/9 “Thursday”

“Terrified, that’s how I went to bed last night. See I knew today was Fran day and I was terrified of myself, that I would chicken out and not push myself. Today, I did Fran RX for the first time. One year ago almost exactly I did my first pull up. Thank you to the beautiful ladies who cheered me on, Kristen, Kris, Christine and Anna. Oh, and PRd my bench at 110#!” -Tiffany.       We talk about benchmarking and why it’s important and why we do it on a consistent basis. Here’s affirmation. Tiffany, BCF is proud of you! Fran RX! What is next for this girl….?!?


15 minutes to find 1RM bench press


Thrusters (95/65)


Member News:

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From Coach Tyler:

“Today, the gym’s programming was a 5k run. It’s usually the least attended class in CrossFit gyms all around the world. I can certainly understand why for a variety of reasons — things like “we can all run any where any time, it’s boring, how is this ‘CrossFit’, we’re not lifting, I will run at home,” etc. etc…
Here’s the deal…
You won’t. You will not run at home. You will not do it on your own. You will not do it another day. You won’t push yourself as hard as you would with others. You will stay in your comfort zone. You will make excuses.
You joined my gym to be pushed, motivated and physically challenged. You may have joined because we make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. A 5k run might be one of them. You don’t get superior results by yourself, unless you’re an anomaly. Show me 1 year of results by yourself and I’ll show you the same results in half that (or less!). It’s that effective to have someone pushing you and someone to workout with.

It’s because we’re social creatures. We workout with others because they make us better. We workout with experienced coaches who know how to make us better. It’s easy to stay comfortable when no one is watching. We do better when coached…when pushed.

Yes, this is just a 5k run. And I could go on about how this is the ultimate test of CrossFit aerobic capacity, how it works the oxidative system just as well as “Cindy” does. But even more, it’s about mindset. It’s about one’s attitude towards challenges in life. Struggles. Pain.

Do you shy away from the hard? Do you seek excitement only? Do you give up when something feels montonous in the moment…even if it will make you better in the long run(or a 5k run;) )? Do you make excuses?

Unfortunately or fortunately, it’s easy to foresee whether or not an individual will succeed in more than just their fitness goals by the attitude they have toward a WOD like today’s. It’s not just about working out or not working out. It’s about doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal. In order for the goal to be achieved, it must be bigger than the excuses.

I hope you decide to run a 5k with your CrossFit gym (our’s especially ;-P), wherever you are. You won’t only get fit, but with every WOD, especially WODs like today’s, you will notice a shift in your mindset that will take you further than you can imagine…guaranteed.