3/7 “Monday” – Training Continues!


3/7 “Monday” – Training Continues!


Fitness: Back Squat, Eccentric Pullups, Alternating Rope Slams
Performance: Back squat, Weighed Pullups, Single-leg T2B alternating


Fitness: Overhead Squats, Box Jumps, Burpee Pullups
Performance: Squat Snatch + OHS, Box Jump Overs, Muscle-ups


  • BOOTCAMP 2.0 Starts up March 14th with Tina! For those that don’t know what this is, please sign up and read more HERE. Pass on to your friends or share to their FB!
  • Our 2nd Session of WOD & Wine is happening! Details HERE
  • Open 16.3 is this Saturday! RSVP HERE¬†and on Zenplanner itself!
  • Deadline to submit your 16.2 scores is 7pm CST! You have to submit, and we will approve after judging scoresheet review.

Want to see how you stack up in the Open?

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