3/3 “Thursday”


3/3 “Thursday”


Row, Handstand Push-Ups, Push-Ups, Ring Dips

Scaled: Bench/Box supported HSPU or L-seated DB Presses, Box or P-lette Dips
Fitness: As written
Performance: Strict HSPU, Strict Dips


Member News:

1. If you ordered an open tshirt or tank and did not receive it(notice one in the box with your size), can you please send an email to [email protected]?

2. If you are not sure that you ordered a tshirt, didn’t order a shirt(and took one), or didn’t double check the spreadsheet located next to the box, can you also send us an email?
Thank you!

+++PSA — Winter shoes

Yes, mother nature gave us a slap in our face yesterday. But for the sanity of our minds and our physical space, please keep bringing in a change of shoes. Winter is almost done! No wet shoes will be allowed on the mats OR the bathrooms. Please change upon entering the doors or take them off and set aside if you need to walk to the bathrooms. You will go barefoot before we allow them on the mats
wink emoticon
Thanks for your continued cooperation in this matter.

Clean gym = happy customers = happy coaches = happy owners = happy wives (jk…sort of?) = happy city = happy state = happy nation.