3/29 “Tuesday” – Remember why you started!


3/29 “Tuesday” – Remember why you started!

The 2016 CF Open is officially in the books! Congrats to everyone who pushed through today and the survived the past month of competitive exercise. This week’s Weekend Warrior Superlative Nomination is brought to you by the American Heart Association. Taking home the 13th annual award are Chen Ch, Eric Borgh, and Troy Peterson for “most likely to be used as stock picture models to demonstrate the three stage response to loss of consciousness and AED implementation in med school textbooks.” 1. “I can’t.” – Followed by fainting spell. 2. “I’m ready for you to take me Jesus.” 3. “What happened? Tell me I finished!” See everyone next week for regular class! — Coach Colin ———- #crossfit #community #exercise #crossfitgames #crossfitfamily #fitness #wauwatosa #milwaukee #milwaukeefitness #aed #heart

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Remember why you started…

The 2016 CrossFit Games has officially come to a close. This was my 6th Open. I’ve been doing this stuff for quite some time now, but I say it every year — this was the best one yet! My regional ranking dropped again. My worldwide ranking dropped, again. And I’m loving it!

We had over 85 athletes participate in the Open over each weekend! Lots of you didn’t officially sign up, and that’s OK! I do want to express my pride, though, for everyone here and the BCF community in general — you all area amazing and should be proud of what you accomplished this year. Maybe the Open inspired you to take your fitness a bit more serious? Maybe it makes you want to compete locally? Or maybe you just want to partake in our WODs every day with more drive and grit! Either way, I’m glad you had the opportunity to experience the “Sport” side of CrossFit.

Remember back in February when I said that the Open doesn’t define you. Well, it doesn’t. Your ranking doesn’t define you. What you “couldn’t do” doesn’t define you. What defines you is your hard work. Your attitude coming in and out of the gym. How you are as a person to be around. Your relationships. These are things that help to define you.

Take a moment to remember why you started your journey into fitness. Or why you walked into our doors for the first time. Because this is your guiding light on all things – to what you do daily in the gym to how to move forward after Open. And let’s admit it, we all have some sort of POSD (Post Open Stress Dysfunction). We don’t know what we are supposed to do next now that we’re done! It all seems so daunting in things to work on. Or maybe not…?

Let’s remember what CrossFit is — Fitness. Fitness is defined as increased work capacity across BROAD time and modal domains. Essentially, we take you, the average person, and make you better at everything. We raise your entire fitness-game up, which in turn, makes you better at the specifics like a sport or specific activity. Because the point of CrossFit is to increase fitness. And when your fitness is increased, you live a healthier and more productive life — to things like being more athletic and useful in general, lowering the chance of injury, less sickness, looking better naked, and much more.

And let’s also remember how CrossFit works — through constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The simpler you make it, the more effective CrossFit becomes. You don’t need a complex program broken down into periodized strength waves, schedules and isolated energy system work to be fit! Yes, you can do that, but it will frustrate you more than it will help you. Take it from me — I’ve competed in 4 Regionals. It was only this year on regular class programming that I’ve ever felt truly healthy and in the best shape of my life. I’m not in pain. I’m not inflamed. My body is happy, stress free and doing things better than when I was doing “sport” programming.

CrossFit works because the idea is simple — train as hard as you can, as intense as you can. Mix up the workouts as much as possible and keep it all functional with running, biking, rowing, deadlifting, squatting, pressing, weightlifting and gymnastics. Master the basics and you will always be rewarded with a life of health. Learn the advanced stuff when you have the basics.

So, what do you do moving forward? You keep training smart, hard and consistently. Know your body, your specific goals, trust the process, and trust us coaches to help you.

I will continue to program strength and accessory work, skills, and met-cons with mindfulness on what is BEST FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE A LIFE OF HEALTH AND FITNESS. Sport is secondary to this. Always. Because whoever steps foot in to our gym will be come the most fit and healthy person they’ve ever been. The catch is that you have to be here, consistently and work your ass off.

Remember this:
1. Chase fitness and performance. Good things will follow.
2. While training, remembmer KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
3. Listen to your body, know your limits, trust yourself and listen to your coaches
4. Workouts don’t yield results. Effort + Consistency = Results.
5. Keep the big picture in mind. Know your why. And have FUN!


Today’s Work:


Fitness and Performance:
Deadlift, Bench Press

Run, S2OH, Row, Box Jumps, AB, Burpees

Daily Read:

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