3/25 “Wednesday”


3/25 “Wednesday”

MItch, 15.4


Overhead Squats, Broad Jumps

High Hang Snatch

Fitness and Performance:
Thrusters, Burpee Box Jumps

It’s Time. You CAN do this.

It’s time to put away the green band and pick up the blue one, because you can do it – it won’t be easy, not for the next few weeks, but easy gets you nowhere.

It’s time to start doing DU attempts in the WOD. The welts will heal, your timing will improve, but it’s time to try doing double-single-double-single. You can do it. Try and try again.

It’s time to admit that you blew through the Fitness WOD, and maybe you need to start scaling the weights up to the Performance WOD. You will be slower, your muscles will hate you – but only for a few weeks. And you CAN do this.

It’s time to make your pushups harder, to move up to the next scaling position. You might not be able to bend your arms past 90 degrees this weekend, but the time is now.

It’s time to pick up the heavier wallball, if even just by 4lbs, it’s time to do the MU in the workout or to truly go heavy when that is what the workout calls for – even if it means coming in last.

It’s time to look back to last month or last year in your journal, to see your huge jumps, and to realize, that you are ready for the next big leap.

It’s time to believe in yourself and push your envelope.

What one thing will you do today that will make you better tomorrow?

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