3/22 “Sunday”


3/22 “Sunday”

“Do you see this? I’m married. Please stop proposing to me.” Thanks for the LOL Nash!


Back Squat


Box Jump Overs, Bar Facing Burpees, Hang Squat Cleans


When you are out of choices is when you often then make the best choice in your life. Change is possible in almost any human being; but the willingness to let yourself change is one of the rarest elements in the universe. Bad choices repeated often leads you to a crossroads. When you get beaten bad enough, you either finally realize your ego, combined with your unwillingness to admit that what you are doing is killing you, has almost destroyed your life and those in it; or you sit quietly, cry for a few hours and then stand up and understand that you are you, because of every choice you made up through last night. Good or bad, you built every inch of you, yourself. Few people will let their ego go long enough to choose the road to personal redemption admitting that who you are is not who you have to be in the future. This, by the way, is where the life you always dreamed about and the person you always wanted to be, begins.