3/21 WOD: Squat pain


3/21 WOD: Squat pain

Reminder that this Sat. we are going to have the 12.5 WOD and general class at 1030AM til Noon. Then, noon-2PM or so, we will be cooking out in celebration of the Games ending, as well as all our athlete’s awesomeness. Brats, burgers provided. Everyone else, please bring a paleo dish to serve! Beer will also be provided!

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Strength: Clean 1) 5 x 65%, 2) 5 x 75%, 3) max reps x 85%
WOD: Five rounds of 15-Back Squats, 15-ring push-ups, 15-double unders.  Use 50% of 1RM


Dynamic Mobility Workshop – THIS SUNDAY!!! RSVP NOW!

Running Clinic coming to BCF! Open to the public. Details here