3/15 “Tuesday”


3/15 “Tuesday”

For those that attended both the first and last weighins, together we lost the following: ?37.7 pounds ?13.5% Body Fat ?7.6 points BMI. …and the one that matters most… ?124.25 INCHES!!! . Badger BOOMCAMP 1.0 was a huge success for those who committed to the last 6 weeks. They got heart-pumping, fat blasting intense workouts, a 30 day nutritional program and guide, and consistent workouts for 6 weeks with our amazing, knowledgable and great coach, Tina! Here's last nights photo! (Missing 6 of you!) . BOOTCAMP 2.0 is enrolling now! Space is limited! We sold out in 1 week last time, and we are already halfway booked up for the 2.0, which starts March 14! Please click the link in our bio to sign up! . #badgercrossfit #badgerbootcamp #bootcamp #hiit #milwaukee #fitness #fatloss #functionalmovement #simplefitness #extraordinaryresults #results #health

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Some great results from the first bootcamp! We’re excited for this second round of bootcampers!

Fitness and Performance:
Good Morning, Push Press, Banded face pulls

Cal Row, Deadlifts, Box Jumps

Member News:


Join fellow BCF women in the second of our WOD & Wine Women’s Workshop Series!

WHO: Open to all BCF women and their female friends. Friends do not have to be proficient in CrossFit but do have to sign a waiver before working out.
WHAT: Plan for a group body-weight workout led by a BCF coach followed by a friendly glass of wine, while listening to speakers address issues that matter to you!
WINE: NO WINE NEEDED! We have plenty from Session I.


Do you leak during lunges? Dribble during double unders? Is it hard to hold yourself during a sneeze or a spontaneous laugh?
Listen to Dr. Lauren Croal, of Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy, as she delves into the mysterious world of the pelvic floor and a woman’s struggle with incontinence. Learn why you pee at inoportune times and what you can do to prevent and strengthen your pelvic floor (hint: It’s more than just kegals). The session will conclude with an open-floor Q&A with Dr. Croal.



Removing weights: When you are removing weights from the barbells, mostly after lifts from the floor, please hold or brace the barbell while pushing off the plates, and control the barbell to the ground. You can also use a friend to help you do this. When the barbells slam into the floor, they can become warped or lose their spin (which we need for Olympic lifting). Need any clarification? Please ask a coach to show you!


Check out the picture! Just make sure you are not releasing the handle to send it flying back into the handle cage.