3/14 “Saturday”


3/14 “Saturday”

Thoughts on tomorrow’s WOD:

From Coach Tyler:

“I finally had some time to digest the 15.3 announcement and got a bunch of messages and comments afterwards. I know a lot of you had the initial thought of “this sucks, I can’t do a muscle-up, I just wasted $20 to be scaled.”

Some of you may think you will never get a muscle-up. Some of you may think you’ll never get a double-under. These challenges give us decisions. They can also give us opportunity. Either way, challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Graham told himself this morning that he was to at least try. And guess what… his 1st muscle-up on video! The challenge was overcome because he was tested and he continued to try. The foundation was there. His ego was not in the way. He was tested. He succeeded in the test. Muscle-ups, like any movement, don’t get themselves. Hard work and a persistent effort will get them. But please don’t be upset with the results you don’t have because of the work you didn’t do.

This weekend you have a choice to try. And if we keep trying and still fail, we have succeeded. We have done what more than 99% of people will not do — try.

And because I know we all want to have fun and enjoy community (this is what the Games is about, IMO. Not your score, not the Regionals, not the accolades), I will be suggesting the scaled version for the workout. It will be a good workout if you let it. If you don’t want to do scaled, you can try for 14 minutes to get that almighty 1st MU. But remember that the Games isn’t just about a leaderboard/fittest person/team (even though that is Castro’s intention). It’s about doing what we enjoy doing – being active – with one another.

I know we will have a great Saturday! Let’s do this!

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” – Maya Angelou

That being said if you are seeking that magic first muscle up…
TIMING IS CRITICAL to a successful muscle up!
So again:
1. Controlled arch to hollow swing
2. Lead with toes/legs while hips are flexed
3. Once those legs get you somewhat weightless snap those hips open immediately to get more power and upward motion
4. Then begin shoulder turn over as you do an ab-crunch mid air.
* Keep those elbows tight against your body as you catch into your dip.
* All these steps happen very quickly (less than a half second). Start SMALL with one step and be proficient at it. Then move to the next and so on. Practice and good luck!
* You should be able to complete a pull-up and a dip first before worrying too much about muscle ups.

Member News:

+++The Movement Fix: Join us for The Movement Fix, May 17th from 9AM to 5PM. Ask Coach Tyler, Adam, or Sara for more information or check out their website http://themovementfix.com

+++Spring Meat CSA: The Riemer’s are extending the Meat CSA sign-up deadline to March 15th!! Additionally, people don’t have to be a part of the CSA to order and CSA customers can order additional meat if desired. Check out what they have available here!!> http://www.riemerfamilyfarm.com/collections/all

+++Shawn Kinney: Shawn Kinney from Milwaukee Body Works is coming to Badger on  3/21 to get you going for your open workout! He will be available from 7:30AM to 8:45AM on a  first-come-first- serve basis. You’ll receive a 10-15 min time slot for active stretching!  A lot of our members and staff have worked with Shawn and can attest to his muscle loosening magic! He’ll also be coming in on March 23rd, from 4:00pm-7:20pm to work with members for 20 minute slots! Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1681M8XG8eozSf-zlXTTTA61oAIb-bfB_czQP_3us-Ak/edit?usp=sharing

+++SFH Orders now being taken for March! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LwMx1QHUTlksd5_zQl_IYc4ku4emriE9Epj5thVb7XU/edit?usp=sharing

News for this Saturday(3/14)

*Valentine coffee will be here again

*Urban Caveman will be here, along with the Strong Coffee products

*lululemon athletica will be here with clothes to try, sample, ask questions!

Sport your CF Games tshirt, throwdown with some cool people, and enjoy our active lifestyle! 3 more workouts! Also to note, after the last WOD on the 28th around noon, we will be having a cookout, afterparty, beer, foodstuffs, etc!!! Be here for the fun… More details soon.