2/4 “Thursday”


2/4 “Thursday”

WOD & WINE! Join fellow BCF women to kick off the 2016 monthly WOD & Wine Women's Workshop Series! This is Session 1 of the W&W event, and we plan to have many more educational talks related to women and women specific health issues. WHO: Open to all BCF women and their female friends. Friends do not have to be proficient in CrossFit but do have to sign a waiver before working out. WHAT: Plan for a group body-weight workout led by a BCF coach followed by a friendly glass of wine, while listening to speakers address issues that matter to you! WHEN: February 19th at 6:30PM WINE: Consider bringing a bottle of wine to share! SESSION I: RESTORE YOUR CORE AND MORE Do you have frequent hip misalignment and pain? Do you have a problem activating your core during lifts? Are your abs separated? Listen to Dr. Lauren Croal, of Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy, address the pressing issues of ab and hip health among women. Learn how to detect these conditions, restore strength and range of motion, and prevent future instances. The session will conclude with an open-floor Q&A with Dr. Croal. RSVP today via our event (members). If you have a friend with us at BCF, please reach out to them to invite you to it. #CrossFit #crossfitwomen #crossfithealth #fitness #women #wod #wine #wodnwine #badgercrossfit #wauwatosa #milwaukee #health #womenshealth @lcroal0214

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No strength today

Fitness: Goblet Squats (70/55), DB Renegade Rows (35/25 each hand), Ring rows/strict pull ups, wall balls, push ups, KB swings, Jump rope singles, parrallette dips
Performance: Front Squat (50% 1RM), Rope Climb, pull ups, wall balls, Bench Press, Double KB Russian Swing(55/35), Double Unders, Ring Dips

With the 30 Day Nutritional reset challenge just under our belts, this is a sweet and concise article from the CrossFit Invictus blog that touches on an important part of change we haven’t mentioned much.

Emotional Eating
By Teena Travis

I remember it clearly: I was quite young and had a bad dream, so I did what any small child does, and I got out of bed and found my mom. Being a great mom, she comforted me, gave me cookies and milk, a little love, and tucked me back into bed.

And that’s when it happened! Sweets imprinted instantly in my impressionable young mind as a form of comfort.

Now even as an adult, in times of high stress or grief, I will instantly turn to sweets for comfort. Maybe it’s because as I’m plowing through the box of Milanos I can almost feel my mom’s arms around me, assuring me that everything will be all right. Clearly my mom had no ill intentions; she, like all mothers, just wanted to make me feel better. Had she any idea that it would be the catalyst to a life-long struggle, I guarantee she would have given me a celery stick instead and tucked me back into bed.

Recently, someone at the gym had the courage to tell me about their own struggle with emotional eating and I realized that I’m not the only one who battles with the desire to eat their emotions. So why don’t we ever talk about it? I’m not entirely sure the answer to that but I would hazard a guess that it is because we are ashamed. It never feels good to be out of control, and most of us really do not want to admit to the world that we are anything less than perfect. Well, as a dear friend and coach recently pointed out to me, perfection is impossible and outside the realm of possibility.

Balance, however, is completely reasonable.

In the name of achieving balance, let’s discuss a few things we can do to combat emotional eating:

Recognize your triggers. Are there places or situations that cause you to feel stressed? Keep in mind that it is not ONLY stress that can trigger emotional eating. However, stress does trigger cortisol to be released and when were are chronically stressed (which is often the case for many of us) all that extra cortisol can, and often does, result in cravings for high fat, or sugary foods to give you a burst of energy [1]. Unfortunately, your body is unable to distinguish between stress from work and stress that results from having to outrun a saber tooth tiger! It’s weird to think about but both work and outrunning a tiger can cause you to crave food.

Find better ways to “feed your feelings”. Once you begin to recognize your triggers, find healthier ways to combat that stress. Call your best friend, take a walk, listen to your favorite album, meditate, go to the gym, whatever it is that brings you joy and results in a calm state.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, spend time with family and friends, eat clean, and give yourself permission to take time that is just for you.

Lastly (and I would argue most importantly) forgive yourself. The situation may arise where you find yourself falling into old habits. Remember that they do not rule you. Mistakes and setbacks will happen. Do not live in the past, recognize the behavior, learn from it and, most importantly, move forward!”

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