2/3 WOD: Good things.


2/3 WOD: Good things.

Tyra working on the thruster during "Kalsu." She is making huge gains!

Few things here guys, so please read and heed.

First, please sign in to the computer each time you come in. This is very important for me, as it helps me plan and see what times I am going to expand with and who is coming when and how often.

Second, our next Social WOD is soon and we’re in the works of planning it. Stay tuned!

Third, I’m encouraging everyone to sign up for the CrossFit Games. This will be a weekly “throwdown” of sorts, every weekend, with judges and score keepers at our place and other gyms potentially. It’s for everyone, because the workouts are all very do-able for the neophyte. Let’s DO IT!

Lastly, we going to be having several workshops at our place with local experts this spring. These are great opportunities to learn things outside of the gym from different people. You will be hearing about one of these very soon! Visit the Events page for more details on things too. Facebook as well.

Warm-Up: 10-front squats, 10-OH squats, 10-back squats.
Strength: Squat  1) 5 x 75%, 2) 3 x 85%, 3) max reps x 95%.
WOD: AMRAP in 10:00 of 5-HSPU, 10-Ring push ups, 15-squat jumps
Recovery: Banded shoulder, wall chest, banded hamstring stretches.