2/29 “Monday” Leap Day!


2/29 “Monday” Leap Day!

Another weekend in the books, and what an event it was battling through 16.1! Thank you to the hundreds of people who passed through the doors on Saturday, to not only show support, but carry members out of the gym as well. Due to a a high level of interest, next year we will look into a designated driver program for those suffering from “lunge leg.” The Weekend Warrior Superlative Award goes to everyone who tackled 16.1 this week for, “most likely to do whatever it takes to build a better butt.” It may hurt today as we all recover – and seek to avoid hard-surfaced seating – but remember that those posterior pains are just the down payment on future gains. — Coach @jstdeweyit77 . #badgercrossfit #open #crossfitgames #badgerbuilt #community #reebokrecognized #milwaukee #wauwatosa #oftenimitatedneverduplicated #colin #fitness @crossfitgames @crossfit @bcftyler . ? by @kathleenstogin photography

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Fitness: Back Squat, DB Row, Sit-up
Performance: Back Squat, DB Row, T2B


Fitness: Run, Ring Rows, Strict Press, Plank hold
Performance: Run, Pullups, S2OH, T2B


+++One of our members and in-house police officers, Alyssa Moose, will be participating, along with other police officers in a local fundraiser to sponsor the Special Olympics. They will be doing a polar plunge this Sunday at 12pm, Feb 28th, at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Any one is welcome to come to the event and support the community! If you are interested in donating in order to help sponsor the special olympics, you can go to polarplungewi.org, click on “I want to donate”, and search “Alyssa Moose”.