2/28 “Plateaus 2”


2/28 “Plateaus 2”

Here’s some more I found on overcoming plateaus while perusing some other crossfit sites.

The following options will help you get out of your training plateau:  diet, goal setting, master the basics, and rest and recovery.


Diet is crucial to peak performance.  I’m referring to diet in the sense of proper nutrition.  What the scale reflects is not an indicator of fitness.  You can be a skinny, but unhealthy, athlete, or you can be a healthy, well-fed athlete. The foundation for all training is nutrition.  Without that, your fitness is sitting on a house of cards that is bound to fall


New goals are a great way to get off of a plateau.  If you haven’t taken the time to look at all of your personal goals and milestones, then do it.  Have you done every single named CrossFit WOD?  Why not?  Do you want to improve your heavy lifts?  What about running or rowing times?  How many pullups can you do?  How many double unders can you crank out in 5 minutes?  The list is endless and your goals for CrossFit are limited only by your imagination.


Once you’ve set your nutrition back on track and developed your goals, you then need to evaluate the direction of your CrossFit training.  Basic skills equal improved performance.  When elite athletes find their performance slipping, or they’ve hit a plateau, they get back to the basics and master them.  In CrossFit, we press upon the importance of form over speed and learning the movements the right way.  Are you 100% sure you can perform all nine basic movements correctly (squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high-pull, and med ball clean)? Do you have a muscle-up yet?  Why not?  It’s a basic movement.


Nutrition, goal setting, and mastering basic skills are all important keys to overcoming plateaus, but there’s still an area that one needs to explore while getting back on track.  Rest and recovery.  These are important for muscle development and the prevention of overtraining.  While the prescribed CrossFit training routine follows a three-day-on/one-day-off (3/1) schedule, perhaps this doesn’t allow your body enough time to rest and recover from the intensity that is CrossFit.


Plateaus in training cannot be avoided.  We’re human and we all suffer from training plateaus and setbacks.  The important thing to remember is to push through these plateaus by examining your nutrition, goals, mastery of basic skills, and rest and recovery.  If you really take your CrossFit training seriously, you’ll realize that these four plateau busters are as much a part of your CrossFit training as going hard and fast and heavy.

Strength: 7X2 Top Pull Deadlifts @ 85% – rest 60 sec. (start in squat racks)
WOD: 3 rounds of 30 tuck jumps, 15 sumo dlhp, 30 lateral bar hops, 15 thrusers, 30 no-pushup burpees.

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