2/27 WOD: “White”


2/27 WOD: “White”

Greg H making huge gains!


Warm-Up: 20-dead-lifts, 15-sumo high pull dead-lifts, 10-jumping squats, 5-Handstand push-ups.
Skill: Skin the cats x5
Strength:  Back Squat 5-3-max reps
WOD: “White” 5 rounds of 3-15′ rope climbs, 10-toes to bar, 21-walking lunges with 45lb plate, 400 run.
Recovery: PSAOS, groin and hamstring stretches.

Think we can improve? Yes, we do too. So we are going to be asking your input on a variety of things — aka a suggestion box. This is anonymous and it will be at the gym in the office very soon. Badger CrossFit, the training methodology, the programming, etc is for you, to make you better. We want to be our best too – you deserve this. So please consider making a suggestion in the box! Lots of good stuff coming, as well as improvements on things. Stay tuned.

Here is a local event to participate in! Show them your fitness prowess!

21st Annual Blarney Run Walk 

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