2/26 “Thursday”


2/26 “Thursday”

Strict ring row, Strict Press, HS Hold, HS shrugs

Weighted Pullups,Strict Press, HS Hold, Shoulder Taps

Fitness and Performance:
Heavy Farmers Walks, Slam Balls(air dyne)

Member News:

+++For those that have been asking, Crossfit Endurance will be resuming upon the conclusion of the Open, in five weeks. The weather will be warmer and many will be itching to get out of the gym, looking for success in this summer’s running, adventure, triathlon, rucks, biking, etc. disciplines.
For those not familiar with the program, this will be the third year BCF has offered this unique program. It is meant to couple with the hard work you do in the gym, get rid of boring jogging, and make you awesome.

+++CF Open Roster/Heats+++

-The Open starts up this Saturday! Please click here for the email we sent you!
-If you need more encouragement to wake up early, Valentine Coffee will be there selling coffee to
to supply all of your energy needs!
-Please make sure your name is on here, and check this before Saturday! It will take me some time to create the heats based on logistics, equipment, male/female, etc. once they release the WOD on Thursday night. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aiLGwnR58EyMNVxYvPih17k8AGv2Ax9eYqYhq9Fz36c/edit?usp=sharing

+++Schedule Changes!+++

Every Saturday, for the next 5 weeks, we will be shifting our classes around to make way for the Games workouts. Here’s what we plan to do:
7am – bootcamp (unloaded)
8am – partner wod (< 20 minute WOD so we have time to set up after - no strength, just the metcon portion) 9am – Open starts (your heat assignments/time to WOD will be out each Friday)
10am – Weightlifting will still go on, on the platforms
Noon – Free Community WOD.
We know that the 7 and 8am classes are not going to work for all, so please let us know if you want us to throw you in a heat for the Open workouts. You are welcome to participate with the rest of the gym!
Obviously we want all to participate in the Open, but we know that it’s not in the cards for everyone’s schedules. Please contact us with any further questions at [email protected]

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