2/17 “Tuesday”


2/17 “Tuesday”

Full classes, multiple coaches, Badger Weightlifiting in full swing – we may need more room! #thefuture #crossfit

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Front Squat, Bent-over barbell rows, Horiztonal Ring rows

Front Squat, Bent-over barbell rows

Walking Lunge Steps (35/25 KBs)
Calorie Row

DB Thrusters (50/35)


Member News:

+++Thanks so much to all who came out for Love Gone Bad this weekend! We’re still waiting on a tally of all that was raised via your generous open donations, online registration, and pledges. If you’d like you can still donate! We’ll be accepting donations through the end of the week. Checks should be made out to Macdowell Montessori School with a note specifying it’s for “CrossFit MPS”! Thanks so much again!

+++Over the next week to a month, you will notice that an alert is popping up in Zen Planner, stating you have unsigned documents! We have recently updated our member sign up process to be more automated and this is part of the process. These membership agreements that need to be signed are simply restating your membership terms.You will not be able to RSVP to classes until these “new” agreements are filled out.

As you can review in the agreement, signing this form changes nothing related to your current memberships. You will NOT be unexpectedly billed in addition to your regular dues or prior to the due date. Additionally, you will only have to sign a new document once, if you have an auto-renewing membership. You will need to resign if you decide that you would like to switch Membership types (i.e from a “pre-paid” to “auto-renewing”, from “CrossFit Group Classes” to “Badger Weightlifting”, etc). Please reach out with any additional questions or concerns!