2/16 “Monday”


2/16 “Monday”


Congrats to 16 year old beast Nick F on his first #muscleup! #CrossFit #badgercrossfit #gymnasty

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Fitness: Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat
Performance: Snatch


Fitness and performance: Deadlift, Pushup, Box Jump



  • Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN!¬†We are still short of our goal of 75+ Badger CrossFit athletes getting signed up for the Open. Stop procrastinating and get signed up. Saturdays¬†are going to be amazing….but only if we come together as a community and take part in the fun! Remember, there is a Scaled division! There really is no excuse.
  • This week is a bit of a deload in terms of weights as we just maxed out on quite a few lifts.