2/15 “Sunday”


2/15 “Sunday”


Fitness: Deadlifts
Performance: HSPU, Pistols


Fitness and Performance:
Sandbag squats, burpee box jumps, DB hang power cleans


Member Announcements:

Thank you to all who showed up yesterday for “Love Gone Bad”! We had over 80 athletes actually do the workout, and over 100 of you have contributed to the cause with your time or money. This is what “community” is all about — stepping outside ourselves to make others better, to make people want to be here, to make a difference. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your time and generosity.

  • Starting immediately, Sunday’s will be regular classes, with skill and strength work to be done before the WOD. We want you to be fresh for the week. The longer WODs will still be there, but not over 30 minutes like they have been.
  • Please continue to make way for coats, boots, bags, etc. when you come in. Keep these items in a cubbie, or in your bag on the floor. We need the room to change! We are working on a solution to not even have to think about this.