2/14 WOD: Valentines Day Special!


2/14 WOD: Valentines Day Special!

Warm-Up: 20-shoulder press, 15-push-press, 10-push jerks.
Strength: Shoulder Press 3×5
Skill: Turkish get-ups
WOD: Valentines Day WOD
AMRAP in 14 minutes:
14 Hang Clean (115/75)
14 Butterfly Situps
14 Diamond Pushups
14 Ring Rows
14 Double Unders
Recovery: Banded shoulder stretch, wall chest stretch, PSOAS stretch.

CF Oly Lift Meet
This Saturday the 18th, we are hosting CF Milwaukee and Cream City CrossFit at our gym for an Oly Lifting Competition amongst the gyms. It’s for everyone, from beginner to advanced, looking to have a bit of fun with the O-lifting. Come out and cheer others on and/or watch others hone the fine skill of lifting weight! ;) It starts at 10AM or so (warmups, etc) and continues til each person gets the snatch and clean and jerks in. It’s informal, so no official time waiting, etc. but we will be following USAW rules on much of the rest.

Dynamic Mobility Workshop

Get your mobility on Milwaukee! We’re having trainer and mobility expert Ryan McDowell at BCF for a hands-on, 2 hour session on exercises designed to increase performance & recovery. These techniques will increase your ability and decrease pain due poor posture and ROM. You will learn how to use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to boost your Mobility to a new level. Cost $49.

Dynamic Mobility Workshop at Badger Crossfit on Sunday, March 25th from 10am-12pm.  The 2-hour participation workshop will be focused on building mobility, train skills and each attendee will learn a personalized program for their needs. Open to everyone and all CF gyms. Hurry, only a certain amount of room for the workshop! Visit the link below for more info and to RSVP and register.


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