2/11 “Thursday”


2/11 “Thursday”


All: Box step-ups, Back Extension, L-sit


Rope climb, burpees, Airbike


Member News:

+++Participating in the Open 16′ or just want another Badger T-shirt? Sign up for pre-orders here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qB7hotS8WSX4t582D83-AvNRumTT9_7LTXo68LIEwAg/edit?usp=sharing

Note on this order:
Because we get so many pre-orders for the open shirts, we’re doing things a bit differently this time around.
-We’ll be charging your cards before we place the order. If you have put your name on this spreadsheet, please ensure you have an active and working card or account on file.
-Rather than attaching your names to the shirts and putting them in the retail pick up cabinet, they will be in the office for pick up.
-Stay tuned for the t-shirt design and deadlines on when we’ll be ordering/when the t-shirts will be coming in.

+++We’re placing an order for RX bars. Order in the spreadsheet! It’s the same process as SFH. We’ll be placing the order by the end of next week Friday (2/12). Only difference is we won’t be ordering extra to stock. Just selling by the box-full(12/box)! Cost to you is $26.00!
Order here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vLD9epzYFa5ufiYbwa4Q4RrSc45VmK4cRyqe17oE8aI/edit?usp=sharing

+++We are writing to inform you of an event hosted by CrossFit Funky for one of our members, Jill Zeise. Some of you may not know Jill but she joined our community last July. Shortly after joining Jill found out the tough news that she had breast cancer. Despite going through this trying time, Jill’s spirit remains strong as she is back with us in our Function MKE program! We are ecstatic she is with us and are happy to announce this event from our friends at Funky.

CrossFit Funky was Jill’s gym prior to joining Badger. They will be hosting a breast cancer benefit in her honor THIS Sunday, February 14th at 1:00pm. Doors open at Noon to warm-up, sign waivers, etc. No CrossFit experience is needed but the entry fee is $15 for yourself or $25 per couple (if you bring a friend). All money will go towards medical costs.

If you have any questions about the workouts, please contact CrossFit Funky.

If you are interested in attending please sign up on through their Facebook event here:https://www.facebook.com/events/924511894307179/