2018 Memorial Day Murph


2018 Memorial Day Murph

Join us May 28 in a mid-day tribute to Lt. Michael P. Murphy during our annual Memorial Day Murph WOD.

All members are welcome to participate in the workout. Kids and family are encouraged to spectate. No one  with less than 3 months experience at a registered CrossFit affiliate will be allowed this year. Contact us to drop-in.

Complete the following for time:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats.

The workout can be done in pairs, scaled, as teams, etc. so long as it’s completed within 50 minutes. We will have 2-3 heats to ensure we are not tackling each other.

9am to whenever! Memorial Day, May 28

Every Memorial Day, CrossFit affiliates honor Lt. Murphy, who was awarded the military’s highest recognition — the Congressional Medal of Honor — for his courage during Operation Red Wing, in which he lost his life. These actions captivated the country while represented in the book and subsequent movie, Lone Survivor. Lt. Murphy used to complete the above workout alone on a nearly weekly basis during his time as a US Navy SEAL. Then, he nicknamed his favorite workout “Body Armor,” with the hope that it would keep him safe in battle.

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