2018 Affiliate Cup Teams Announced!


2018 Affiliate Cup Teams Announced!

Welcome to the 2018 Affiliate Cup!

We are super excited to get this year’s Open and our 2nd Annual Affiliate Cup going!  Without further ado, here are the team rosters:

2018 Roster

*If you didn’t register in time for draft night, there’s still time to join a team. Teams can now start courting other BCF athletes to sign up for the Open and join their team. Final team sign-ups will be closed at 11:59 pm on Thursday, February 22.

Next Steps for Each Team

Teams will now decide who their team captain will be.  Captain must be chosen by February 24th to receive more instructions from the BCF staff.   The team captain is in charge of:

  1. Ensuring all members have their earned points recorded.
  2. Team spirit, keeping the morale high, checking in with members on the team Facebook page.
  3. Helping organize team ideas for weekly challenge attire for Saturday’s WOD.

CrossFit Open Apparel

While most of the teams will create their own team t-shirt (can be as silly as needed or serious as needed), there is an official Badger CrossFit 2018 Open Series T-Shirt/Ladies Tank.

Scoring System

As a reminder here is the following scoring system throughout the Open.


  • 1 point for completing the workout
  • 1 point for recording a score on
  • 2 bonus points per team if 80% of the team participates on Saturday.


  • 5 points – Team that shows up each week with the best energy, costumes, supports others in the event, and more…

Weekly Challenge:

  • Each week there will be a different weekly challenge for the teams to complete. If your team completes the challenge, they will be awarded the points that challenge is worth.
  • Most of the challenges you earn points for your team. You can earn 1 point, or more, for your team.

BONUS Points: Throughout the open, there will be opportunities for teams to win bonus points. There will be 5 points awarded to each team that has 90% of their athletes attend the final workout and party WOD 18.5.

Point system

We are rewarding those who show up and partake in the Affiliate Cup. We do not care about your “performance” or ‘score’ whatsoever. We just want you to have fun!