2017 Badger CrossFit award recipients


2017 Badger CrossFit award recipients

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to acknowledge several members who’ve stood out in our community as role models in their fitness, health and life balance.

While some of the recipients couldn’t be at our award ceremony (held during our annual Christmas party), we wanted to make sure they — and you — know why they were chosen to receive their respective awards.

EMANATING SPIRIT AWARD: The Emanating Spirit Award goes to two members who demonstrate an extraordinary approach to their view of fitness and CrossFit. Not just a simple positive attitude, but a quiet, encouraging radiance to other athletes, these members inspire others to improve through example and mindset.

MALE: Alex Martin FEMALE: Jeannie Brashear

Alex Martin makes his health a priority, despite having 9 children at home. After crushing WODs, he is often found lying on the floor for elongated recovery before leading a small group in a new mobility series he saw on the Internet. He is diligent about his fitness and nutrition regime and is always willing to give advice. He truly encourages by example and, personally I have never seen him without a smile.

Jeannie Brashear is the definition of perseverance and overcoming. Her mobility since birth was very limited, so she started Badger not being able to do most fitness moves. However, coaching her, I’ve seen her attack every workout with drive and a positive attitude and personally make huge strides in her mobility and strength. She lives a life driven by goals and achievement, and her humor toward WODs is contagious as she gets excited about being able to do something new — even burpees.

COMMITTED CLUB AWARD: If you aren’t familiar with our Committed Club, every month we pull a report of members who’ve signed up and checked in more than 20 times that month and then do a random drawing from those names for a Valentine gift card. 

MALE: Will Erik  FEMALE: Johanna Sehloff

Will Erik is a well-known, familiar face in the gym, although he prefers to fly under the radar. He attended 204 classes so far this year — the most of any member — and has also been inside Badger to help build and move the rig, build the med ball and kettlebell racks, build out the Badger garden and PVC box, among other things. Not to mention he enjoys planning the Friday Fermentation social WODs at Big Head Brewery. He is not only committed to his fitness but loyal to Badger and we are honored.

Johanna Sehloff is always smiley and chatty during the 203 classes she’s attended so far this year. She often stays after class to work her weaknesses, whether it be barbell work, Monster walks or pull-ups. In fact, when she first started at Badger, she couldn’t even do a pull-up. However, because of her commitment to betterment, she is now doing them in her workouts.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Rookie of the Year Award goes to members who’ve been with us for a year or less and demonstrate an exceptional drive to improve their fitness and health with a positive mindset and serve as an example for those newer to Badger.

MALE: Blake Nold FEMALE: Leah O’Gorman (FXN-CF)

Blake Nold is intensely focused and worked his fitness goals from Day One. Despite obstacles, energy humps, lack of will and painful WODs, he has made noticeable gains and proved you can do anything you set your mind to.

Leah O’Gorman began her fitness journey in our Bootcamp class. While she started feeling uncoordinated and unfit, she moved through the program before joining Function classes and most recently making the big switch into CrossFit. She is proof perseverance gets results.

MOST IMPROVED AWARD: The Most Improved Award goes to members who’ve quickly turned their health around through better nutrition and a commitment to fitness. You can see their improvement, not only in their body physique and strength but in their program upgrades and new goals in the gym. Their journey is a prime example of BEFORE and AFTER.

MALE: Marc Ruesch FEMALE: Erin Tischer

Marc Ruesch started Function 3 times a week as a simple supplement to his running endeavors. However, it wasn’t long before he turned in his running shoes for a barbell — moving into CrossFit — and is now crushing his health and fitness goals.

Erin Tischer started Badger because she just wanted to get stronger for her job on the SWAT team. Starting in Bootcamp and barely able to do a pull up, she is now also crushing CrossFit WODs and competing in the sport.

LEADERSHIP AWARD: The Leadership Award celebrates those who go above and beyond to educate, assist and encourage members and stand out as a stand-up athlete worth following.

MALE: Tylor Rockwell FEMALE: Barbra Fagan (FXN)

Tylor Rockwell definitely leads by example in his commitment to fitness, always finding time to squeeze in a workout during his full nursing school schedule. He possesses the combination of personality (often heard in his hardcore rap music and straight-faced humor) and on-going desire to improve his CrossFit knowledge that make others want to emanate, listen to, follow and trust.

Barbra Fagan also leads by example. Despite her injuries this past year, she didn’t use setbacks as an excuse but instead worked her way around them to come back into the gym with a smile on her face, ready to work and crush her goals. Her enthusiasm is encouraging and her perseverance inspiring.

MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Member of the Year Award goes to athletes who are involved in the community and encompasses everything that helps Badger CF shine bright. They are, not only a positive representation of the gym, but also a role model in their health, fitness, mindset, mentality and life balance.

MALE: Theran Motl FEMALE: Karen Mohr

Theran Motl always works hard with the best of attitude. He’s honest about his ability and never lets ego get in the way of reaching his fitness goals. He finds the opportunity in each workout, uses them to grow and is a very coachable athlete who leaves it all in the gym, giving no excuses.

Karen Mohr refuses to allow her age to be an excuse. Instead, she puts her nose down and grinds, working hard and committing herself to fitness — almost making it to the CrossFit Games this past year. Even after her surgery, she was back in the gym on crutches modifying movements to stay healthy and active — doing it all with a smile on her face and a positive, grateful attitude.